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The busyness of the bees, and the abundance of wildflowers in our beloved state give us this true taste of Florida sunshine. It’s almost as if we captured some of Florida’s famous sunlight and put it in a jar!

The bees don’t have long to rest after our typically short-lived winter until the blooms start to spring to life! Spanish needle, goldenrod, oak, palmetto blossom, maple, and more! These are just a few of the plentiful nectar sources available to the bees. This unique honey could even be from the flowering plants your neighbor’s garden, it’s all up to the bees!

Due to the blend of nectar from different origins wildflower honey typically has a dark color profile but never fear, the darker the honey the more health benefits it is known to have. This is due to the bountiful amounts of pollen and natural antioxidants it contains! Try some of this complex and bold tasting honey in a smoothie, drizzled on some yogurt, or in your morning oatmeal!


 World Honey Market is proud to harvest and distribute the highest quality, pure raw honey. We are committed to protecting the honeybee while teaching and promoting sustainable beekeeping and offering solutions to the massive issues that honeybees are facing across the globe.

Pure Raw Wildflower Honey 12 oz squeeze

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