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Maximizing Production, Quality, and Profits

World Honey Market is one of the largest commercial beekeeping operations in Northeast Florida, offering the best honey-infused products.


With more than 4,000 hives, World Honey Market provides pollination services to agricultural giants like Blue Diamond almonds in California each spring, Ocean Spray Cranberries in the summer in Wisconsin, cotton crops in Georgia, and locally to their neighboring farms like Trader Hill Farms.


For our pollination services, our bees are coming off strong nectar flows. The nectar flow is the time of year when the native vegetation is in full bloom, giving your crop the most active and efficient bees for pollination.

We proudly support brands across the United States with a commitment to excellence

The commodities produced with the help of pollinators generate significant income for producers; World Honey Market is proud to be a part and benefit to productive agricultural communities across the country.


World Honey Market is proud to be a pollinating partner for Ocean Spray Cranberries, Blue Diamond, Agriland, South Valley Farms, and many more. We would love to talk to you further.

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For more information about World Honey Market's Pollination Division, please contact us.

(386) 320-9567

22985 Hassie Johns Rd, Sanderson, FL 32087

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