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Where are You located?

World Honey Market is headquartered at 22985 Hassie Johns Rd in Sanderson, Florida.


What is pure, raw honey?

Raw honey is honey in the rawest form (straight from the hive). This means that the honey hasn’t been pasteurized.


What is the shelf life of honey?

One of the great benefits of honey is that it never goes bad! 


What does it mean if my honey crystallizes?

Sometimes honey crystallizes, it is normal depending on the variety and does not affect the quality of the honey. Crystallization is natural and does not affect a honey’s flavor. Honey is least likely to crystallize if stored at room temperature. 


Is your honey made in the US or imported?

All of our honey is produced and packaged in the United States.


Is Your Honey Organic?

Honey cannot be certified organic by the USDA. Any honey Certified Organic honey sold in the United States is imported from other countries and certified organic by that country. The imported organic honey is not certified Organic by the United States.

The USDA recognizes other countries' organic certification, so if it’s good enough for the other countries' governments, it’s good enough for the US. Hopefully, you can see the potential problem with this. Especially because most of the organic honey comes from Brazil. And Brazil has had a lot of issues with bribery and fraud in its government.

A US beekeeper or company can have non-certified organic, pure honey that is raised organically. But it is nearly impossible to produce organic honey that can qualify for an organic label from the USDA.

Can I eat the honeycomb?

The wax cells of the honeycomb are not only edible but they contain natural vitamin A.


Can Honey Help My Allergies?

There is no definitive scientific evidence suggesting honey can be used to cure allergies, but many people for centuries had supported this theory. We suggest that you enjoy a daily regimen of eating 1 tablespoon of raw honey or honeycomb once in the morning and once in the evening.

What makes your varieties different?

The species of flower from which the bee gathered the nectar determines the color, flavor, and sugar composition of the honey. We mostly sell monofloral honey, which means our bees only collected nectar from one specific flower species. 


Can children eat honey?

Botulinum endospores are found in the natural environment of dirt and dust, and the spores can contaminate kinds of honey. That is why children younger than 1 should not be given honey. The developed digestive system of older children and adults destroys the spores. Infants, however, can contract botulism from honey as well as other foods that have spores. Infantile botulism cases are rarely traced back to honey, but because the spores can be found in some honey, it is best to avoid giving it to infants.


Is honey safe for dogs?

Yes, honey is safe for dogs if eaten in very small quantities. 

Is honey good for hair?

Yes, it is completely natural and full of antioxidants that help to keep your hair healthy but we do not recommend applying honey directly on your hair as it’s difficult to rinse out.

Is honey good for the skin?

Honey is an excellent ingredient for your skin that can do wonders! Regularly applying honey to your skin will give you outcomes beyond your imagination and give you good, younger-looking, and radiant skin that can go a long way.


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