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Holly or the “Christmas berry tree”, as it is known by local Floridians, produces a magnificent honey and substantial boughs of striking red berries, just in time for Christmas!Throughout the fall months here in Florida the bees enjoy sweet nectar from the delicate white blossoms that envelop the holly tree. The plant, originally native to South America, was introduced to the States in the 1890’s and has been thriving here in sun-drenched Florida’s fertile soil ever since.Florida Holly honey features a smooth and buttery, almost butterscotch flavor and subtle spicy notes making it a true gourmet delight! Florida holly is a gorgeous amber color and is perfect for stirring into your favorite hot beverages, or try it paired with smoked meats and hard cheeses!


 World Honey Market is proud to harvest and distribute the highest quality, pure raw honey. We are committed to protecting the honeybee while teaching and promoting sustainable beekeeping and offering solutions to the massive issues that honeybees are facing across the globe.

Pure Raw Florida Holly Honey 12 oz squeeze

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