Savor just a little bit of gallberry honey and you’ll see why it’s a true taste of the South! The gallberry bush can be found throughout the South, in states ranging from Texas to Virginia. In North Florida’s late spring and early summer the bees gather nectar from tiny white blooms on this evergreen shrub in the holly family.


The gallberry bush does especially well here in North Florida growing wild in the under stories of our dense pine forests as well as protected lands such as the Okefenokee Wildlife Preserve. Gallberry honey is a highly-prized mild honey but is also known for its unique woodsy, sweet, and spiced flavor.


Gallberry honey resists granulation and has a low sucrose content much like tupelo honey. This superb honey is the perfect sweetener add to your tea or coffee because it is light and mild enough to sweeten without altering the flavor of your drink!

Gallberry Honey 5oz



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