1/2 gallon (6 lb) jug of our pure, raw, Florida Orange Blossom Honey. 

It’s hard to envision Florida and not picture it’s abundant orange groves. Our bees make this premier honey in the fragrant groves of Central and South Florida, and is bursting with a pure and delightful citrus flavor. 

The bees harvest nectar from the sweet smelling blooms of the orange tree in the early spring here in Florida to make this renowned honey. Orange Blossom honey is highly-favored by native Floridians, to people around the world. 

The undertones of this irresistible honey boast the color and clarity of liquid sunshine, it’s like a breath of fresh citrus. Add some to plain yogurt or drizzle over fresh fruits, such as strawberries, figs, or melon!

1/2 Gallon of Raw Florida Orange Blossom Honey