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Top 5 Recipe Contest Entries | Part 3

Week three of our Top 5 "How Do You Honey" Recipe contest submissions is ready to spice up your skillet!

It's no secret that honey and cheese are a beautiful marriage of flavor; Dustin McKinnis has decided to heat the wedded bliss up with his recipe for Smoked Cream Cheese with Datil Sting.

McKinnis loves a good sweet heat, and he also loves a smoker and a cast-iron skillet. The preparation and attention on this one take cheese to a whole new level of creamy, cheesy goodness!


  • 8oz block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

  • Seasoning salt (McKinnis recommends Meat Church brand seasonings)

  • Datil Sting Hot Honey

  • Cracker (for serving)

  • Cherry pellets (for the smoker)


  • Take a block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and season all sides with your favorite all-purpose seasoning (McKinnis used Meat Church).

  • Place in a cast-iron skillet!

  • On a smoker (running Cherry pellets), smoke for about 2 hours.

  • Then pull it off, drizzle Datil Sting Hot Honey on, and serve with crackers!

McKinnis says this is, "Such a great appetizer! Sweet with a little heat! Try it soon!" Check back next week for another of our Top 5 "How Do You Honey" recipes!

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