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The World Honey Market Story

“I think I’d like to give it a try,” John David Peterson says as he leans forward in his chair after sliding his phone back into his pocket. The owner of World Honey Market, who is always on call, continues sharing the story from his childhood; in fact, this particular story is the earliest beginning of what would be his commercial apiary and honey company.

Giving it a try is a mantra that has followed Peterson his entire life. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for insects, it is no surprise that the young boy who farmed wild ants at the edge of his parent’s yard and attempted to grow algae as a solution to agricultural food supplies in the third grade eventually made his way to bees.

“I have always loved insects,” Peterson said, “I wanted to pursue entomology before I even knew there was a word for it. The study of bugs has always been a point of interest for me.” Growing up on educational afternoon children’s television programs like Bill Nye The Science Guy and The Magic School Bus left a lasting impression. His hometown laid the groundwork for the rest. “I live in a rural area; bees do well in rural areas,” he laughs, “I thought, I’ll keep bees.”

And so he did.

One of Peterson’s strengths is his eagerness to learn. As he apprenticed under another local beekeeper, John David continued to understand the processes tricks of the trade and that the market for healthy and natural food products had an opening. All that was missing was his honey.

When he told his parents that he wanted to pursue beekeeping full time, they were supportive but uncertain. Peterson recalls his father asking him, “Are you sure this is what you want to do?

“I think I’d like to give it a try.”

Now, with more than ten years under his belt, World Honey Market has become one of the largest commercial beekeeping companies in the state of Florida. Offering pollination services across the country with almonds and avocado in California, clover in the Dakotas, cranberries in Wisconsin, and orange blossom in Florida, among others, these bees travel.

In 2020, the company was invited to partner with the Okefenokee Swamp Park in Waycross, Georgia, to open the World Honey Market museum, the park’s first new exhibit in more than three decades, exploring the rich history of beekeeping in the south and its illustrious history across the globe.

World Honey Market’s global impact has always weighed heavy for John David, “It’s why we choose the name World Honey Market; I wanted to connect beekeepers from across the world to share stories and processes. So making beekeeping universally accessible became part of our mission.”

World Honey Market is proud to harvest and distribute the highest quality, pure raw honey from around the globe. Through examples and education, World Honey Market is committed to protecting the honeybee while teaching and promoting sustainable beekeeping and offering solutions to the massive issues that honeybees face globally, intricately giving us a stage to collaborate and share knowledge on a grand scale.

As a part of this global mission, each year, World Honey Market hosts young men and women from different countries to teach them about beekeeping, giving them the tools to take what they have learned back to their homes at the end of their year spent gaining hands-on experience. From European countries to the Caribbean and as far off as Rowanda, World Honey Market explores global commerce and conservation while investing and learning from these multicultural experiences.

When it came to selling honey, second best was never an option. World Honey Market has always been committed to pure raw honey. The company has even begun offering honeycomb in retail markets in recent years. Honeycomb contains raw honey, which is unprocessed and unfiltered, which means it contains numerous compounds that can help boost your health and wellness. Studies have shown that raw honeycomb can boost your immune system, supports gut health and ph balance, increase energy and brain function, supports inflammatory response, and can even promote better sleep for some.

While WHM has a robust list of flavors, the honey is never compromised. From its newest and most unique product, the Datil Sting Hot Honey, to the ever-popular Clover honey, commitment to quality has never wavered. As the company expanded, other products were added, from healthy snack foods to beauty and cosmetic products, candles, and all-natural candies; the roster continues to grow.

For John David, World Honey Market isn’t just a company. It’s a legacy of integrity. John David and his wife, Emilee, who recently welcomed their first child, hopes that beekeeping always has a place with his family. Generation after generation. For John David and World Honey Market, the world is just the beginning because when opportunity knocks for the company, he is always willing to give it a try.

For more information on World Honey Market or to view their entire inventory visit the company online at

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