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How Do You Honey Recipe Contest Winner

From flatbreads to beer and everything in between, our very first “How Do You Honey?” recipe contest ran the gamut of culinary creativity. Of course, each and every recipe we tasted was a winner in our book, but there was one recipe that outscored the rest: Dustin McKinnis’ recipe for Smoked Cream Cheese with Datil Sting.

The sweet, smoky heat and unique flavor combinations made this one an absolute favorite amongst our team. In addition, the inclusion of the cast iron skillet brought this one to a whole new level of prep and presentation.

McKinnis is no stranger to whipping up unique creations with honey; his recipe for honey BBQ ribs was also a high scorer, just nearly missing inclusion in the Top 5 overall. McKinnis’ other BBQ creations with and without honey can be seen on his Instagram @mckinnisq.

Congratulations to Dustin McKinnis, the grand prize winner in World Honey Market’s first How Do You Honey Recipe Contest!

We would also like to thank all of our entrants, especially our incredible Top 5. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for our next recipe contest!

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