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A World Honey Market Exciting Announcement!

We recently shared a video on our social media teasing "something buzzing at the Okefenokee." This tease is referencing is a project that World Honey Market is exceptionally proud of and excited to share with the world.

Since 2007 World Honey Market has been a collective of local artisan beekeepers involved in the production, harvest, and packing of the highest quality, pure raw honey available around the world. In addition to producing quality honey and bee-related products, World Honey Market has been a leader in adopting environmentally conscious agricultural practices and promoting education for our business partners and the general public.

To further our passion for education, we have partnered with the Okefenokee Swamp Park in Waycross, Georgia, to bring the public a one-of-a-kind interactive and educational exhibit for the enjoyment and benefit of the swamp and its guests for years to come.

From the moment you step into the park, our building's exterior will make a high-impact visual statement. Designed to give the appearance of a giant beehive, the guest will immediately feel like they have been given a bee's eye(s) view of the world as the sidewalk leads them to the entryway leading to the glass door.

Once inside, guests will learn about the Okefenokee's partnership with WHM and the swamp's involvement with beekeeping, and its ecological importance. As they continue to make their way through into the next room, being transported inside a giant hive, this room will be dedicated to the fascinating history of beekeeping, featuring various forms of beekeeping throughout global history, including ancient Roman pottery to modern commercial hives.

As guests continue, they are led further into the hive with the large observation window, looking out onto several active, live beehives! This room will feature an incredible look at the commercial bee industry with pollination services and how our bees work for some of the biggest brands around to bring you fresh produce.

From here, guests will go into the next room, which will put the spotlight on conservation and feature our gift shop with unique gifts and, of course, our fantastic honey.

Opening soon, we are excited to continue adding and growing with the Okefenokee Swamp Park and hope you will put Waycross on your summer travel plans to experience the World Honey Market Bee Exhibit!

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