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Apiary Worker/ Beekeeper

We are looking to add to our team! 


World Honey Market is family owned and operated since 2007.

Your job as a beekeeper will be to keep hives productive and healthy to help farmers across the country with their pollination needs. You will be tasked with checking the general health of the hive, inspecting for mites, and making sure there is ample food for our bees. The hours for this position are variable and can be longer depending on the time of the year. 


Your work will put you out in the elements for most of your shifts. Unfortunately, being around bees, you are also bound to get stung. Shifts usually last between 10-12 hours, but we work until the job is done.


People who have previous queen bee rearing and forklift experience will be given priority. Still, if you do not have any experience with these areas, we are eager to train and share our passion and knowledge with you. A positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and a strong desire to work hard are the main requirements for this position.




An apiary worker often called a beekeeper, manages colonies of honeybees for the production of honey and pollination services.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Maintain colonies of healthy bees for pollination and production of honey.

  • Ensure sufficient food reserves.

  • Construct hives and replace combs.

  • Collect and package any hive products, including honey, beeswax, and pollen.

  • Make decisions on yards, treatment, splits, honey harvesting, and all other beekeeping decisions.

  • Ensure breeding yards are kept at an optimal level of production.

  • Maintain strict control over diseases and pests.

  • Identify and report hive health concerns.

  • Prepare colonies for both production and wintering during season changes.

  • Wear and maintain protective clothing and gear.

  • Train other beekeepers on your team.

  • Clean and maintain beekeeping equipment.

  • Keep colony records.



  • A high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Driver's License (Preferred)

  • Beekeeping experience (Preferred but not required)

  • Must have the ability to work well in teams and lift up to 51 lbs.

  • Ability to work long hours in different terrains and weather conditions required.


To pursue a career as an Apiary Worker or Beekeeper with World Honey Market please submit your resume or fill out our application below.

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